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We ensures that the oranges are of high quality, and packaged in a way that preserves their freshness and flavor during transportation.


We understands the importance of using only the finest cotton, thats why we only supply our clients with the best. Our cotton is refined and processed to ensure that it is free from any impurities or defects.


With years of experience, Rex Traders has gained a reputation for providing juicy, pulpy, and fresh ripe mangoes. The company prides itself on offering a wide variety of mangoes, each with a unique taste and aroma.


Rex Trader offers high-quality potatoes that are sure to elevate any dish. Whether you’re using them for mash, roast, or chips, Rex Trader’s potatoes are guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful.


We offers a wide variety of high-quality rice types to satisfy every taste. Our premium rice products include Basmati, Arborio, Jasmine, Sushi, Brown, and Wild Rice


Rex Traders presents premium quality halal meat, specially exported to cater to the needs of halal meat consumers across the globe. To preserve its freshness and authenticity, it is vacuum-sealed and packaged in a hygienic environment.

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